Catch the fever—any fabric, any sofa.

The Choices Are Endless

Create a style that is uniquely you with more than four hundred fabric options to choose from. With new fabrics being handpicked by our stylists and added to our inventory every three to six months, there is always something to satisfy a trend or embody a timeless style. The only limit to custom furniture is your imagination, so bring that sectional sofa, chaise lounge, or sofa bed you’ve been eyeing to life with one of our select upholstery fabrics. 

  • Beige and White
  • Greys
  • Blues and Purples
  • Reds and Oranges
  • Greens and Yellows
  • Blacks
  • Browns
  • Solid
  • Patterned
Aspen Sand
Bennett Black
Bennett Capri
Bennett Charcoal
Bennett Denim
Bennett Dove
Bennett Indigo
Bennett Latte
Bennett Moon
Bennett Orangeade
Bennett Peacock
Bennett Praline
Bennett Red
Bennett Timber
Bennett Vapor
Bingley Cloud
Bingley Greystone
Bliss Charcoal
Bliss Chocolate
Bliss Dove
Bliss Ivory
Bliss Parchment
Bliss Sand
Bliss Taupe
Brilliance Ivory
Brilliance Prussian
Bubble Charcoal
Bubble Teal
Bubble Truffle
Caprice Granite
Cirque Denim
Cirque Domino
Cirque Tomato
Columbia Black
Columbia Chocolate
Columbia White
Darwin Ivory
Darwin Vintage
Decor Chocolate
Decor Silver
Decor Wedgewood
Devon Baltic
Devon Heather
Devon Mocha
Devon Mouse
Devon Pewter
Devon Platinum
Devon Sand
Doric Honeywheat
Doric Navy
Excellence Chalk
Excellence Cloud
Flipside Nutmeg
Foliage Silver
Grande Aqua
Grande Linen
Hailey Chalk
Hattie Capri
Hugo Charcoal
Hugo Graphite
Intention Ivory
Janneti Blues
Janneti Tuxedo
Jungle Gym Sky
Keywest Charcoal
Keywest Grey
Keywest Navy
Keywest Orange
Keywest Red
Macarena Dove
Manalpan Granite
Maxwell Domino
Milkyway Blue
Milkyway Charcoal
Milkyway Mint
Milkyway Pearl
Milkyway Silver
Mona Anthracite
Naxos Navy
Ninja Charcoal
Ninja Slate
Oakley Charcoal
Oakley Graphite
Oakley Ink
Oakley Ivory
Oakley Java
Oakley Marine
Oakley Sand
Oakley Taupe
Polaris Black
Polaris Navy
Polaris Turquoise
Preston Aegean
Preston Charcoal
Preston Mocha
Preston Wine
Samantha Cream
Samantha Silver
Samantha Taupe
Sarafine Silver
Savoy Charcoal
Savoy Seabreeze
Savoy Sunset
Sensation Dove
Sensation Slate
Sephora Bark
Sephora Grove
Sephora Ivory
Sephora Navy
Sephora Platinum
Sephora Silver
Sephora Slate
Sephora Turquoise
Stagger Cloud
Sugar Shack Iron
Sugar Shack Thunder
Sugarshack Indigo
Sugarshack Linen
Sugarshack Platinum
Sugarshack Slate
Sylvie Charcoal
Sylvie Slate
Teamwork Aluminum
Teamwork Cobalt
Teamwork Grey
Teamwork Oatmeal
Teamwork Pewter
Textura Slate
Textura Storm
Warwick Aqua
Warwick Charcoal
Warwick Fantasy
Warwick Harvest
Wesley Camel
Wesley Smoke

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Canadian Made

Furniture can’t just be beautiful, it needs to be durable and built to last. With state-of-the-art digital automation machinery and a 75,000 square foot facility in Vancouver, BC, our team is able to process high-volume orders with precision and offer industry-leading lead times—with no sacrifice in quality. Enjoy handcrafted quality without the wait.